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26 December 2006 - Trent on a morning cycle ride.


The village pub, The Rose and Crown


Trent - St. Andrew's Church.
Located to the north of Yeovil in a salient of Dorset bordered on three sides by Somerset, Trent is an attractive old village with a number of interesting buildings. The county boundary around here has changed several times but the parish was finally transferred from Somerset to Dorset in the nineteenth century. Famously, The manor house was one of the places that Charles II hid (twice) on his journey to safety on the continent after defeat at Worcester in 1651. It is recorded that while staying here the King once heard the church bells ringing and on asking a maid to find out why, was told that it was because a trooper from Cromwell's army had claimed to have killed him, "upon which, most of the village being fanatics, they were ringing the bells, and making a bonfire for joy of it". The guidebook reports that the owners of the manor had the last laugh when they refused the ringers permission to ring in celebration of the restoration of Charles but invited a team from nearby Compton to do so instead.